Shag Pile

Meet Shag – a retro design that’ll have you feeling all kinds of nostalgic. We’ve sourced materials that hint right back to the high-pile carpets of the ‘70s, so you feel the spirit of decade with every step.

Reviving a ‘70s icon

Stevie on the speakers. Sandalwood fumes snaking through the air. The ‘70s are back, only this time without the platforms. Which is great news for arch-support and rugs, alike. Our Shag isn't just a rug, it's a low-maintenance companion that's machine washable & stain resistant. Wine spills or dance floor mishaps? No problem. Just toss Shag in the wash, and it's ready for your next groove. 

This is not your grandma's typical shag rug — ours takes a stand against shedding. Unlike textured rugs of its kind, it won't leave a trail behind, ensuring your space stays sleek and fuzz-free. Made for those who love the high-pile fluff, but aren’t so hot on the upkeep. With Shag, it's not just about aesthetics, it's about a rug that's as easy and effortless as it is stylish.

Pets in the house? Consider Shag their new favorite hangout. Not just pet-proof, but practically a pet magnet. Good luck keeping your fur friends off this spot. Perfect for kids, too, with its non-slip design – ensuring you and everyone in your home can live, play, and dance the night away without worrying about slips or slides. Time to bring out your bell bottoms again. The Shag invites you to relive the disco days with a rug that's as resilient as it is retro-cool.


How is our new Shag Pile rug different from our other rugs?

We created our new Shag Pile as a nod to the retro carpets of the ‘70’s, and because we wanted a dreamy, soft, and super high pile rug... that was still washable! We haven’t seen anything else like this on the market and you’ll see our other machine washable styles are a much lower pile. Expect super long, high-pile and softness underfoot but don’t expect to have to deal with the challenges that usually come with washing a long pile rug like this.

Can Shag Pile rugs be styled in spaces that are not ‘70’s inspired?

For sure! Our Shag Pile is just super versatile – in four solid colours and large sizes, this high pile beauty will bring warmth, depth, and dimension to your space. The textural nature of the pile means it will work across most architectural and design styles – Scandinavian, California Modern, Neo Deco, Bohemian, Coastal, Contemporary and more. If you can’t see the colour you’re after, just reach out to us on and let us know, as we’re assessing new colours to add regularly.

Is Shag Pile easy to clean?

Yes! As with all of our rugs, shag is tested for a lifetime of machine washes. Just peel it off and throw it in the wash like you can do with any Double rug. Make sure to check the washing machine capacity guidelines on our product page.

The Double System

Our rug system is simple and uncomplicated, designed to come apart in two layers. The durable and nonslip base provides grip and stability, while your unique top layer can be peeled off and machine washed whenever you need it. No worries!