Colourful Rugs

Complement any space with a colourful rug from Double. Our cooler shades create a more peaceful space whereas our bolder hues add dimension and interest. Either way we, Double has a wide range of colours that span the latest interior design trends as well as more traditional options.

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Double’s colourful rugs will add energy, art and vibrancy to your home. Our colourful designs will accentuate your chosen mood and add excitement to any space. From bold and bright to subtle and calm, Double has every rug to suit your perfect palette. 

Neutral or light coloured rugs — in shades of blue, brown, grey or olive — can create brightness and serenity, highlighting the beauty of the existing environment. These colours will provide you with a clean, fresh slate in which to curate your interiors around.
More adventurous styles in brighter colours can really express your personality, invoking creativity and inspiration every time you enter the room. Experimenting with colours that pop — such as orange, pink, green or red — is the easiest way to draw attention, especially in a space with minimalist interiors. 

Double’s extensive range of single colour statement rugs are the perfect way to create visual interest, and serve as a natural focal point in any room. Our multi-coloured designs can blend seamlessly into a space with complementary shades, to create a fun and energetic environment within your home. 

Experiment with soft shades or bold tones. Double has every colour covered to reinforce your desired aesthetic, and help you to have fun at home!


What rooms best suit a colourful rug?

Double’s colourful rugs are highly versatile, and can enhance the energy of a variety of spaces. Selecting from a bright colour palette can create a lively atmosphere in the living room, add playfulness and excitement to children’s rooms, and inspire creativity in your home office. Vibrant shades will also add personality to your bedroom, and serve as a conversation starter in the dining room. More subtle shades will highlight the beauty of the natural environment, and invite a warm ambience throughout your home. Create a welcoming impression by styling a neutral rug in your entryway, and encourage rest and relaxation in the sunroom with tonal hues. 

How do you style a rug with multiple colours?

Double’s selection of rugs featuring multiple colours can truly transform a space, injecting life and energy into your room’s design. When styling, it’s important to focus on 1-2 of the rug’s prominent colours to create a cohesive interior aesthetic. Focusing on these shades, incorporate complementary accents throughout the room to achieve the perfect balance between the rug and the rest of your decor. Consider integrating these key colours through cushions, throws, artwork or other decorative elements, allowing the rug's hues to complement the overall design of your space.

How do you style statement colour rugs?

Double has every colour covered to create a visual statement in any room! When styling a solid colour rug, choose interiors with tonal or neutral shades to allow the rug itself to become the room’s accent. This approach will highlight your new rug as the central feature, inviting visual attention and creating a natural focal point within the space. Experiment with different textures and materials — wood, metal or glass — to create a subtle contrast between the rug and surrounding interiors. Keep in mind, a statement colour rug doesn’t always have to be bright or bold! Soft, subtle hues can also have an impressive impact on your space.

The Double System

Our rug system is simple and uncomplicated, designed to come apart in two layers. The durable and nonslip base provides grip and stability, while your unique top layer can be peeled off and machine washed whenever you need it. No worries!