Vegan Flokati

Flokati has a new look – and it's animal-free, washable, and twice as nice.

The World's First Washable Flokati Rug

Flokati, reborn and reimagined. Meet Double's Vegan Flokati Collection — the world's first machine washable take on the iconic Greek shag. We've bottled that deep, plush texture you love, minus the hassle of shedding and animal welfare baggage. Each rug is engineered with special vegan fibres standing 75mm tall, inviting you to kick off your shoes and sink into the ultimate feel of cosiness at home.

With every wash, these rugs develop a natural, wavy texture, emulating the authentic, well-loved look of classic flokati fibres. Your rug evolves over time, becoming more special with each use. Fresh out of the packet, they’re smooth and sleek, but after washing, the fibres soften and curl overtime. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself napping on the floor, dancing barefoot at midnight, or spending hours on end on your new flokati friend. 

Crafted from durable, non-toxic synthetic fibres that resist shedding, this rug is perfect for family homes with energetic little ones and rambunctious fur friends. No more tufts of fluff tumbling across the living room or worrying about spills and crumbs. Vegan Flokati is made to withstand real-life messes, while setting the stage for your family’s best moments.


How do these rugs compare to traditional flokati?

Unlike traditional flokati rugs that require professional cleaning and shed like nobody's business, our Vegan Flokati rugs are machine washable and non-shedding. That means you can toss them in the wash whenever life happens (red wine spill, anyone?), and they'll come out looking fresh and closer to the real deal each time, with their naturally evolving fibres that soften and curl after each wash.

Given that my home can get messy with kids and pets around, would it be okay to introduce a high-pile rug like Vegan Flokati into our space?

Absolutely! Our machine washable Vegan Flokati rugs offer the cosy feel of high-pile rugs without the hassle of hardcore maintenance. Made from non-toxic synthetic fibres, our Vegan Flokati rugs are safe for kids and pets, non-slip, non-shedding, and designed to withstand everyday wear and tear.

So, how do these rugs develop their authentic flokati texture?

Glad you asked! The rugs start with a smooth, sleek appearance. But with each wash, the fibres soften and the roots begin to curl, developing that natural, wavy texture that emulates the well-loved look of classic flokati rugs. It's like magic, honestly.

What does it actually mean when you say “Vegan Flokati”?

When we say "Vegan Flokati", we're talking about a cruelty-free twist on a classic. These rugs are crafted from synthetic fibres that mimic the iconic flokati texture to a tee, but without harming a single furry friend in the process.

Do these rugs contain plastics?

These rugs do contain polyester, which is a type of plastic. However, we've chosen this material for its durability and longevity, ensuring our rugs won't end up in landfills after just a few uses. The polyester fibres we use are free from harmful components like BPA, making them non-toxic and safe for homes with children and pets. Looking ahead, we're also exploring natural fibre options for our washable rug collections. So, you can expect to see washable rugs made from natural fibres in the near future, further expanding our sustainable offerings. At Double, we're constantly striving to improve our collections and provide sustainable solutions that align with our values of conscious living and environmental responsibility.

What sizes are available in the Vegan Flokati collection?

Our Vegan Flokati rugs come in two sizes: 160x230cm and 200x300cm. Whether you've got a moderately sized space in need of some cosy landings or a sprawling living room that’s just begging for a new rug, we've got you covered with the perfect fit.

The Double System

Our rug system is simple and uncomplicated, designed to come apart in two layers. The durable and nonslip base provides grip and stability, while your unique top layer can be peeled off and machine washed whenever you need it. No worries!