Checkered Rugs

Double's latest collection of checkered rugs combines Contemporary, Scandinavian and Mid-Century Modern aesthetics. The versatile palette encompasses earthy hues, monochrome shades, and vibrant reds, blues, and greens. Experimenting with geometric forms, the collection carefully balances simplicity and contrast to offer timeless designs. 

Form and Function? Check.

Who says check patterns are just for picnic blankets and your Nan's old tablecloths? Double is reinventing the classic check motif with a collection that brings timeless design into modern homes. Featuring bold, remixed checks in punchy hues like rouge, coral, and royal blue, alongside classic neutrals, these machine washable rugs add a vibrant visual pop to any room.

Beyond their standout looks, our rugs actually square up to real-life messes. The collection delivers exceptional durability thanks to its high-quality and stain-resistant pile. Made for real life, these rugs want to be stepped on, danced on, lived on, then tossed in the wash to be their beautiful selves again. Easy to clean and non-slip, they're kid-proofed and pet-friendly, so you can rest easy knowing your check rugs offer a safe foundation for life’s best moments.

With some designs now available in bigger dimensions, Double's Checks Collection allows you to make even bolder statements by introducing a new 300x400cm size. This collection also offers a versatile range of textures — from the softness of Chenille and Cotton Feel, ideal for indoor comfort, to the durability of New Jute that you can enjoy outdoors. Form? You bet. Function? Absolutely. Great design that nails both? Check!


What makes these designs different from normal Check rugs?

Our rugs breathe new life into classic check motifs through bold remixed designs and vibrant modern colour palettes. We're taking timeless patterns and giving them a fresh spin with punchy colours and playful new proportions. The result is a collection of rugs that infuse contemporary style into any space, indoors or out.

How do these rugs handle real life?

Bring on the spills, scuffs, pitter-patter, and all of life's messy moments. Our rugs are designed to thrive in high traffic areas without losing their beauty over time. Their stain resistant pile and easy-care materials ensure they stay looking good despite inevitable drips, stains, and dirt from everyday wear. Just toss them in the wash when they need refreshing. With their durable construction, our rugs can handle whatever your well-lived-in home dishes out.

Can these rugs be used both indoors and outdoors?

Absolutely! Our collection was designed with versatility in mind. The range of natural and premium textures we offer means you can find the perfect rug for any space, indoor or outdoor. Cosy up your living room with plush Chenille or Cotton Feel options, or opt for natural jute rugs to complement outdoor patio vibes. No matter your style or setting, our rugs blend right in while elevating your space with their bold check designs. Their versatility makes decorating, inside and out, a breeze.

Do you finally have bigger sizes for this collection?

Good news! We're now offering some of the Checks Collection’s designs in even more generous dimensions, so you can make a seriously bold statement in any room. Looking to make a splash in your large open concept living area? Choose one of our new 300x400cm sized rugs. Have a hallway that needs a pop of pattern? Opt for our well-loved runner rug sizes. We've got your floors covered in all areas, big or small.

Are these rugs kid-safe and pet-friendly?

Our rugs are designed to withstand the antics of busy homes. Crafted from premium materials that are safe for kids and pets, you can rest easy knowing our rugs offer a durable, worry-free foundation for playtime, tummy time, paws, and little feet. Made from sustainable and non-toxic materials, our rugs provide a safe, comfortable surface for all members of your growing family.

Easy on the eyes, but are they easy to maintain?

Our easy-care rugs are a dream to maintain. When it's time to refresh your rug, simply toss it into the washing machine and let it work its magic. The rug emerges looking good as new, while the non-slip backing keeps it firmly in place on your floors. No complicated cleaning or special solutions needed! Our materials are designed to be resilient and washable, so you can enjoy the beauty of your rug without any fussy upkeep.

The Double System

Our rug system is simple and uncomplicated, designed to come apart in two layers. The durable and nonslip base provides grip and stability, while your unique top layer can be peeled off and machine washed whenever you need it. No worries!