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Design Pro Jono Fleming Shows You How To Make Checks Your Own

Jana Bocobo

Design Pro Jono Fleming Shows You How To Make Checks Your Own

Jono Fleming has long been an advocate for aspirational yet achievable design, championing the art of crafting spaces that feel uniquely personal. At the heart of Jono's ethos lies an appreciation for the dynamic interplay between evolving styles and personal expression, where one is given the freedom to play through making trends their own.

Enter Double's latest Checks Collection—a celebration of the timeless plaid motif, revitalised with a contemporary twist. This reinvention of checks and plaids introduces a vibrant array of hues and modern interpretations, breathing new life into a classic pattern. With a spectrum spanning from soothing neutrals to striking bursts of colour, and textures ranging from rugged jute to a soft chenille, the Checks Collection offers unparalleled versatility—providing a canvas to build upon and make uniquely your own. Tying in with Jono's philosophy, Checks allows you to easily personalise the collection, one vibrant check at a time.


Checkered Brown New Jute Rug 

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