Unwind in the ultimate comfort, guilt-free. Double's Vegan Wool Collection brings the luxurious softness of wool to your home, minus the fuss of shedding and the fret of sheep welfare.


Stain Resistant
& Spill Proof

Kid-Safe &


Nonslip &
Interchangeable System

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What sets Double’s Vegan Wool collection apart from traditional wool?
The secret lies in our vegan-friendly fibre composition, meticulously crafted to replicate the comforting feel of traditional wool without causing harm to our woolly friends. Consider it a guilt-free embrace from Mother Nature herself.
But aren't high-pile rugs a hassle to maintain?
Not with our Vegan Wool texture! Unlike their traditional wool counterparts, rugs in this range are non-shedding, allowing you to snuggle up without leaving behind a trail of fluff. Say goodbye to vacuuming up wool tufts after your cosy movie night. Its machine-washable construction also ensures easy cleaning – simply toss it in the wash and let the machine work its magic.
You mentioned these rugs are suitable for nurseries and family rooms – are they truly safe for kids?
Crafted from non-toxic materials and featuring a durable non-slip base, our rugs have undergone rigorous testing and certification to ensure they are safe for babies and toddlers. Double is dedicated to providing only the best and safest materials for your growing household.
I have some lively pets – will their paws and scratches damage my Vegan Wool rug?
Fear not, our vegan wool rugs are pet-proof… and pet-preferred! Designed to endure real-life, these rugs not only look great, but also perform like no other. Their composition is safe for your furry family members to lounge, play, and even leave a little drool on. After all, true cosiness includes everyone in the household.

Vegan Wool