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We are excited to partner with Australian designers of all disciplines. From interior designers and architects to multi-disciplinary creatives, we want to celebrate our mutual love of quality products that truly represent the Australian design narrative.

We have exciting plans set for the near future, to extend our partnerships within the broader artistic community — including design collaborations, design curation, cultural donations and more.

For now, we're looking to partner with leading design professionals who love our rugs as much as we do!


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Australia's first machine washable rug

Double is dedicated to Australian design. Defined by our inherently laid back way of life and rich, culturally diverse history, Australia’s design language is both considered and contemporary. Whilst we are continually inspired by momentous international design movements and impressive local artists, there is one thing we know for sure. Australians value high quality materials and simple, uncomplicated design.

Machine washable, stain resistant and durable; Double has designed the perfect rug for every Australian home. Welcome to no worries living!

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No worries living.

Our rugs were designed for homes where life happens. Homes with muddy boots, spilled wine, splattered paint. Homes that host parties and people and pets. With rugs that look beautiful beyond a photo. Machine washable, stain resistant, and easy to clean.
Machine washable
Sustainably sourced
Spill proof
Nonslip & durable
Pet proof
Designed in Australia