Rug Colours

Complement your space with a rug colour that accentuates your chosen mood, tone, or energy. Our area rugs come in a variety of colours and textures to help you create the perfect palette.

Blue & Green

Sweet, serene, and peaceful. Inspired by nature, blues and greens are shades that evoke calm and stability, whether it’s royal blue or deep cerulean. Choose a shade from the blue palette to bring an essence of timelessness to any space.
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Grey & Silver

Endlessly cool and versatile. Whether it’s a steel grey or warm silver, the grey colour family conveys a natural elegance that’s easy to match and effortless to bring home. Create a feeling of subtle luxury that adds presence without overwhelm.
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Colour for Every Room
Experiment with soft shades or bright tones. Double has every colour covered to reinforce the desired aesthetic of your space.