Tiarna Herczeg

Tiarna Herczeg partners with Double to bring her vibrant, abstract artworks to life through an exclusive and limited edition design capsule of machine washable rugs.

A Mural for Calm and Chaos

Renowned artist Tiarna Herczeg partners with Double for an exclusive and limited edition design capsule that brings her vibrant abstract art to life on Australia’s first machine washable rugs. Each design is an original artwork by the First Nations artist, showcasing vibrant colours and patterns influenced by her heritage and existing body of work. Inspired by idiosyncratic landscapes of Australia, Tiarna’s art is often understood through the urgency of her cultural and spiritual identity not living on Country. This longing to go home. Blending artistry and practicality, the collection allows for Tiarna’s art to be experienced in a new, functional medium where life’s best moments can unfold.

Through a rich, earth-toned palette of ocre, marigold, and browns juxtaposed with pops of pink, cobalt, and leafy greens expressed in organic shapes and abstract lines, this exclusive rug capsule pays homage to Herczeg’s Far Northern Queensland heritage. The collection translates the stories and spirit of Herczeg into pieces that welcome you home.Tiarna sees this capsule as a way to create rugs that transcend decorative elements, becoming integral components of lived-in spaces. She envisions homes where these rugs experience life alongside people, capturing the essence of family, warmth, and the passage of experiences.

Double's patented two-layer construction ensures that each machine washable rug remains vivid and beautiful overtime, wash after wash. Seamlessly merging the artist's creative vision with the brand's dedication to crafting rugs made for real life, the collection honours Australia's rich heritage while looking towards the future of design. Dance, celebrate, create, make a mess on them — the capsule’s art is life expressed. A mural for calm and chaos, true to the real Aussie spirit.


What made us want to collaborate with Tiarna Herczeg?

We've always admired Tiarna's ability to capture the essence of the Australian identity in her art. Her work resonates with our vision of blending beautiful design with meaningful storytelling. Collaborating with Tiarna, who honours her roots in a fresh, modern way, was a natural fit. A dream collaboration, bringing the vibrant, meaningful artistry of a young First Nations artist directly into people's homes.

What do the designs in the collection mean?

The vibrant landscapes and abstract shapes you see in these rugs are deeply personal to Tiarna. The rugs draw inspiration from her First Nations heritage, personal experiences, and existing body of work. Her art is often best understood with a comprehension of Indigenous non-Western maps. Oftentimes, she paints as if she is looking down on the land from an aerial perspective. In her spare time, she studies books and photographs from her childhood, using her memory as a notebook for inspiration. Remembering simple moments like playing with her cousins in Rockhampton, accidentally eating chillies, protecting mango trees at home from bats, and sharing ghost stories at night. Tiarna paints intuitively and without direct ideas, instead using the process as a way to let go and learn from her work. Each rug is an exploration of Tiarna's cultural and spiritual identity, reflecting her mission to share it through art.

Where can I see or purchase Tiarna’s artworks?

Tiarna Herczeg’s original artworks can be viewed and acquired through Curatorial+Co. The gallery features her paintings priced from 2,000 to 9,000 AUD, showcasing a distinctive fusion of vision and cultural influences. If you're looking to acquire a more budget-friendly option to bring home, our exclusive rug capsule is the perfect answer. This collaboration allows Tiarna's art to be experienced in a new functional, accessible medium. A durable piece you can take home, and allow life’s best moments to play out on.

Are these designs as durable as they are beautiful?

Absolutely! These rugs were made to be stepped on. Spilled on. Danced on. Lived on. Then tossed in the wash to do it all again. They're made to handle real life and keep looking great while doing it, wash after wash. With vibrant designs from Tiarna's collection and Double's machine washable construction, you don't have to stress about spills, stains, or faded colour. The stories stay and the memories build on a rug built to last.

What makes the rug collection so special?

Each rug is a rare piece, part of a limited edition collection exclusively available through Double. This is also Double’s first ever artist collaboration. You'll have the opportunity to bring Tiarna's beautiful design style right into your home at a budget-friendly price. Bridging Tiarna’s artistry with Double’s machine washable functionality, these rugs not only adorn your space but are also crafted to endure the wear and tear of everyday life. Form meets function – in the best way possible.

The Double System

Our rug system is simple and uncomplicated, designed to come apart in two layers. The durable and nonslip base provides grip and stability, while your unique top layer can be peeled off and machine washed whenever you need it. No worries!