Bring great design outside with our sturdiest product yet! Weather-proof, stain-proof, outdoor-proof rugs. The best part? They work indoors as well!

Outdoor living

In a climate where outdoor spaces often serve as extensions of our living rooms, the need for durable yet design-forward decor is paramount. Double’s latest collection of Outdoor rugs provides the perfect backdrop for long dinners on the deck or messy afternoons of family fun. Experience no worries living this summer with Double. 

Created with the vibrancy and versatility of the Australian outdoors in mind, Double’s innovative Outdoor textures seamlessly merges style and durability. Designed to elevate and endure the elements, each Outdoor rug is machine washable, stain resistant and waterproof. The summer memories won’t fade with the sun, and neither will your rug. 

The true beauty of Double’s Outdoor rugs extends beyond aesthetics. Made for homes where real-life happens, the collection is designed to withstand spills, dirt, and the usual wear and tear of outdoor activities. The patented two-layer technology means you can easily wash your rug whenever you need. Enjoy a morning family water fight and embrace the mess of wet toes and grassy knees. Throw the rug into the washing machine, and hang it to dry in the afternoon sun — ready to style for a long dinner at dusk. 

Double's Outdoor rugs provide a welcoming tone, resonating with any exterior or landscape design and acting as a warm invitation to enjoy the outdoors. Allow Double to bridge the gap between indoor aesthetics and outdoor leisure this summer. Shop the collection. 


What is an outdoor rug?

Our outdoor rugs are designed to withstand the sometimes harsh outdoor conditions that are typical in Australia. They are constructed with durable materials that are resistant to weather, such as rain, sunlight, and moisture. You might want to make your outdoor space a bit more snazzy for the holidays or have a soft surface underfoot for bare feet – whatever the reason, our outdoor rugs can really bring your space together.

Our outdoor rugs come in various designs, sizes – all of which are machine washable – and even better, though they are durable enough for outdoors, should you wish to put them inside, they’ll work just as well there too. Our outdoor rugs can be used on patios, decks, balconies, and other outdoor areas - with or without a cover overhead.

What is an outdoor machine washable rug made from?

Our outdoor rugs are of synthetic fibers, which are known for their water-resistant and stain-resistant properties. These materials allow for easy cleaning, making it convenient to keep the rug clean and fresh.

Is an outdoor rug weather-proof?

Yes, our outdoor rugs are designed to be weather-proof. They are made from materials that are specifically chosen for their ability to withstand outdoor conditions. Our outdoor rugs are resistant to weather elements like rain, sunlight, and moisture. They are constructed with durable synthetic fibers, which are fade-resistant, mould-resistant, and mildew-resistant. This weather-proof construction allows outdoor rugs to maintain their appearance and functionality even when exposed to the sometimes-harsh Aussie outdoors. It’s important to note that while outdoor rugs are weather-resistant, they may still require proper care and maintenance to ensure their longevity.

How long does an outdoor rug last?

With proper care and maintenance, our outdoor machine washable rugs can last several years, providing durability and longevity for your outdoor space.

All our rugs are 100% machine washable and easy care, despite variation in texture. Please refer to your rug style’s specific care label instructions included in your package.

For any major accidents, remove the top layer and wash immediately. Minor spills can be spot cleaned with a mild, non-bleach detergent.

How do I style an outdoor rug?

1. Play with patterns and colors.Consider the overall color scheme of your outdoor space and select a style that complements or contrasts with it. Bold patterns can add a pop of visual interest, while subtle patterns or solid colors can create a more serene and cohesive look.

2. Choose the right size.Consider the size of your outdoor. A larger rug can anchor the seating area and create a sense of unity, while smaller rugs can be used to accentuate specific areas or highlight certain features.

3. Seasonal switch.Our outdoor machine washable rugs have interchangeable tops! Easily switch out to match the changing seasons or your evolving style preferences. Changing styles can create a fresh look and keep your outdoor space feeling updated and inviting.

How do I use an outdoor rug to upgrade my outdoor space?

Use an outdoor rug to define different areas within your outdoor space. For example, place a rug under a dining table or seating area to create a designated space for that purpose. This helps to visually separate different zones and adds structure to your outdoor space.

If your outdoor space has a lot of hard surfaces like concrete or stone, an outdoor rug can help soften the overall look and make it more comfortable. It adds a layer of cushioning underfoot and creates a more inviting and cozy atmosphere.

What sizes do outdoor rugs come in?

Our outdoor rugs come in various sizes:

  • 60 x 90 cm
  • 90 x 150 cm
  • 160 x 230 cm
  • 200 x 300 cm
  • 250 x 300 cm
  • Runners
  • Round
Which of your current textures are suitable for using outdoors?

New jute and outdoor are the two textures suitable for outdoor use. These textures are specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions, providing durability and functionality while still maintaining a stylish and appealing aesthetic.

The Double System

Our rug system is simple and uncomplicated, designed to come apart in two layers. The durable and nonslip base provides grip and stability, while your unique top layer can be peeled off and machine washed whenever you need it. No worries!