Rugs for the Nonconformists

Free your floors from the confines of convention with bold
abstract designs and uniquely-shaped rugs that break the mould.


Stain Resistant
& Spill Proof

Kid-Safe &


Nonslip &
Interchangeable System

Designed in

A playfully unconventional design, the Pier rug features a bold silhouette of flowing curves and contrasting colour. With its vibrant look and unique cut, this rug truly breaks the mould.

Energetic and artsy, the Feeling rug boasts a playful personality. Multicoloured squiggles dance across its surface, injecting vibrant energy into any space.

Bold and captivating, the Extroverted rug bursts with dynamic energy. Bold lines weave and wind across a solid canvas background, creating a mesmerising focal point.

The Aligned rug’s captivating design features curved abstract shapes that flow across the floor. The undulating pattern is both artistic and fun, ready to anchor spaces.

The Pillar Rug defies convention with its unique shape that breaks free from the traditional rectangle. Wavy layers in contrasting colours weave across the canvas, creating a playful composition.


Where does the inspiration for these stunning designs come from?
The Organic Abstraction Collection draws inspiration from the vibrant energy of mid-century modern art and the playful experimentation reflected through the Memphis design style. Think flowing organic shapes, bold colours, and a touch of whimsy on a fully machine washable canvas!
Will introducing abstract elements into my space make my interiors look too busy?
While the collection features bold patterns, the use of negative space and a curated colour palette ensures they remain visually interesting without overwhelming a room. We offer a range of colourways, from jewel tones to earthy neutrals, allowing you to find the perfect balance for your décor – should you prefer vibrant pops of colour, or more neutral options.
I've never seen rugs shaped like these! Can you tell me more?
Absolutely! One of the hallmarks of the Organic Abstraction Collection is its unique, wavy silhouettes. Some of the collection's designs move beyond the traditional rectangle, offering playful cuts together with conversation-starting designs that will add a touch of personality to your space.
Can I use these rugs under both sunshine and shade?
The collection offers versatile textures, catering to various areas of the home based on their feel. We have plush, cosy chenille and cotton-feel rugs perfect for creating an indulgent indoor atmosphere. Additionally, the collection boasts durable jute designs perfect for patios, porches, and even high-traffic areas inside your home.
Are these beautiful rugs durable enough for everyday life?
We understand your home is for living, not just looking pretty. That's why Organic Abstraction rugs feature durable high-quality materials, stain-resistant fibres, and a patented machine washable system. From everyday spills, to toddler mishaps, to muddy paw prints – these rugs were made to endure the energetic antics of a busy, well-loved home.
How much do these unique rugs cost?
We believe beautiful designs shouldn't break the bank. The Organic Abstraction Collection offers surprisingly affordable options. Explore the collection to find the perfect statement piece within your budget.

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