Double’s latest Checks and Stripes collection reflects a combination of Contemporary, Scandinavian, Mid-Century Modern and Minimalistic design influences. Double’s checked and striped rugs allow for exploration with symmetry, linear elements, and geometric forms within the home. The rugs in this collection promote a playful interplay of lines and shapes, adding visual interest and movement to any space. 

The collection’s colour palette introduces monochromatic shades, warm, earthy hues and injections of brighter colours — including reds, blues and greens. 

The collection carefully balances simplicity and contrast, offering timeless designs to complement your home.

Experiment with an artistic aesthetic, and style large-scale checks and stripes in bright, bold tones with statement furniture and interiors in varying colours, designs and textures. Or maintain modern and contemporary energy with smaller scale check and stripe motifs in rich, neutral colours.

Style these rugs with monochromatic furnishings and clean, light textures to create visual interest whilst maintaining airiness within the space. 

The Checks & Stripes Collection

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