Double Product Warranty

Do you provide a product warranty?
Yes, Double offers a one-year limited warranty. We warrant that any Double products sold on will be free of any defects in materials and workmanship, as explained below. Double’s warranty supplements and does not reduce any rights and protections afforded to you by Australian Consumer Law.

If you experience issues with your Double product, no worries! Simply reach out to our team at We will do our best to resolve your issue, and if we can’t, we will offer a complimentary replacement.

This warranty is viable for a period of up to one year from the date of delivery. This warranty is non-transferable and can only be extended to products sold at

This warranty is only valid when products are used for their intended purpose and exhibit normal use. The warranty will not cover defects or damage resulting from improper care, negligence, accidents, abnormal use, or modifications. Please see our Warranty Terms and Conditions for a full list of specific exclusions and limitations.
When does my warranty coverage begin?
Warranty coverage begins the day your product is delivered.
How do I submit a warranty claim?
In the event of a defect, get in touch via to file a warranty claim with at least 5 images of the damage, defect or fault to the product. We also require that you provide proof of original purchase on
Warranty Period Warranty Terms and Conditions
Double (we, us, our) warrants (to the original purchaser only (you)) that our products will be free from any material or manufacturing fault or defect which would prevent our products from giving satisfactory service for a period of one year from the date of delivery.

This warranty is non-transferable and can only be extended to products sold on

This is a limited warranty and contains specific exclusions and limitations.
Warranty Period
This warranty is provided for a period of one year after the first delivery of the products to the original purchaser. This warranty shall not apply to defects first notified to Double in writing more than one year after delivery to the original purchaser. In considering the warranty claim, Double may take into account how much time has passed since you bought the product, the length of time for which it is reasonable for the product to be used and the use of the product. If Double replaces your product under this limited warranty, the remaining portion of the warranty period will be based on your original purchase date. As mentioned above, this does not limit or affect any statutory rights you may have under the Australian Consumer Law to return faulty or defective products outside of this period.
Warranty Limitations and Exclusions
To the maximum extent permitted by law, Double excludes all other liability except that stated in this warranty or as stipulated under applicable laws.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Double excludes (and this warranty will not cover) liability for defects or damage resulting from improper care, negligence, accidents, abnormal use, or modifications.

Double’s total aggregate liability associated with any warranty claim is limited to the total amount paid by the original purchaser in respect of the products.

In the event that Double is required to provide a replacement product under the terms of this warranty, Double shall provide a replacement product to the extent available. Replacement may not be exactly the same as the replaced product. Double is not responsible for bodily injury, property loss or damage, removal or relocation of furnishings, or any incidental or consequential damages or costs associated with repair or replacement.

This warranty does specifically excludes a product’s serging, fringe and any damage to the product caused by normal or extraordinary wear and tear, commercial use, improper maintenance, or any damage caused by factors not inherent in the product at the time of purchase. Material and manufacturing defects will be determined by an authorised Double Inspector.

This warranty is only applicable to indoor rugs that are placed indoors, outdoor rugs that are placed outdoors, and products placed in environments maintained at normal temperature and humidity (e.g., excess heat has not been applied to the product). This warranty will not cover any condition resulting from problems caused by wetting or the persistence of moisture. It does not cover tears, burns, cuts, pulls, or other damage, deterioration, stain, loss of colour or appearance caused by abuse, improper or inadequate maintenance.

Abnormal Wear and Accidents: This warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse or accidents, such as staining, soiling, burning, flooding, cutting, or spilling; damage caused by pets; or damage caused by improper cleaning methods and materials. It does not cover products placed in use on stairs, ramps, or any area regularly subjected to wheeled or rolling apparatuses. Occasional sprouting pulls, or loss of single tufts of fibre or threads is normal and should be trimmed with sharp shears.

Changes in Area Color: This warranty does not cover changes in area colour resulting from external causes, such as fading due to spills of household chemicals and other non-food and non-beverage substances.

Differences of Color Variations: Double do not cover minor and normal differences between colour and texture from specification samples or website images.

Improper Support: Warranty will be void if improper support is used (i.e., a Rug Top is used without a Rug Base or a Rug Base that was not made by Double is used).

Shading or Pile Pressure: Double is not responsible for shading or pile pressure which may affect pile fabrics due to varying weight and traffic on or over your area rug’s surface during use. Double is not responsible for damage caused by failure to use protective chair pads under chairs with roller wheels.

Roll marks are caused by rolling the product for shipment but will normally disappear with routine washing and/or vacuuming. Rolling the rug for shipping can cause seam peaking. Carefully rolling your product in the opposite direction will minimise this problem, and it should disappear after a few weeks.

Use Of Topical Treatments: Warranty will be void if topical treatments are used. Topical treatments include, but are not limited to, any aftermarket soil, stain, or insect repellents.

Shedding: Shedding is normal in new products and will not be considered a defect unless it fails to abate with routine vacuuming.

Geography: this warranty is only applicable in Australia.

Double products are stain-resistant and durable, but no product is impervious to everything. Routine care and cleaning are vital to maintaining the long-term durability and appearance of your products. See this link for care instructions.
Process of submitting a warranty claim
In the event of a defect, get in touch with us via to file a warranty claim with at least 5 images of the damage, defect or fault to or in the product. We also require that you provide proof of original purchase on

We may ask you to provide further information to support your claim to assist us with our assessment of the damage, defect or fault. We will respond to your application for return within a reasonable time.

Damaged, defective or faulty Products must not be returned to us unless we have first authorised or requested the return to us in writing. Unfortunately, Products cannot be returned to any physical store.
If we accept your warranty claim, we may repair the Product (if repair is reasonably possible), replace the Product (where reasonably available) or refund the price of the Product (including partial refunds), as appropriate and subject to the requirements of the Australian Consumer Law.
Applicable Laws
Nothing in this document is intended to exclude, restrict or modify any consumer rights under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (CCA) or any other legislation which may not be excluded, restricted or modified by agreement. If the CCA or any other legislation implies a condition, warranty or term into this document or provides statutory guarantees in connection with this document, in respect of goods and services supplied, our liability for breach of such a condition, warranty or other term or guarantee is limited to (at our election), to the extent we are able to do so: (a) in the case of supply of goods, Double doing any or more of the following; (i) replacing the goods or supplying equivalent goods; (ii) repairing the goods; (iii) paying the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring the equivalent goods; and/or (iv) paying the costs of having the goods repaired.

Effective: November 8th, 2022