This Mother's Day, Double celebrates the multidimensional superwomen who do it all with style and strength, with Double as a supportive partner through life’s messy and beautiful moments.


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Why Mums Love Double


Stain Resistant
& Spill Proof

Kid-Safe &


Nonslip &
Interchangeable System

Designed in

From providing a soft and safe space for double-the-fun kid playdates to offering a cosy setting for spontaneous home-cooked double-duty dinners, and a stylish foundation that instantly doubles as a professional backdrop for work Zoom calls, Double rugs are designed to make mums’ lives a little bit easier and a lot more beautiful.


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Double the Style

Double rugs make homes more beautiful. With an array of diverse and vibrant designs,
mums can easily discover the perfect rug match to give their space a stylish lift.

Mum Spotlight: Kayla


“One of the things we love about Double rugs is that they literally have a rug for every kind of style! We have quite a colourful yet beige-toned home, so we found our chequered rug with both colour and neutral tones to be perfect for our space. We also have one in our kid, Vera’s, room that’s very colourful and suits her playful and bright room.”

- Kayla Gane, Creative Mum

Kayla's Picks

Crew Cream Chenille Rug
Crew Cream Chenille Rug
from $270.00
Checks Sage New Jute Rug
Checks Sage New Jute Rug
from $680.00
Gesture Pink Chenille Rug
Gesture Pink Chenille Rug
from $480.00

Double Duty

Double rugs lay the groundwork for imaginative playtime and non-stop action. With non-slip backing, non-toxic materials, and machine washable construction, these rugs create a safe space for little ones to play, explore, and make messes.

Mum Spotlight: Chelsea


“Our weeks are absolutely bonkers - seriously, sometimes I feel like I am just constantly washing and cleaning so anything that makes life a teeny bit easier for me is worth a million bucks. We now have a Double Rug in almost every room - it means that I can still have a vibrant and stylish home without worrying about spilt food, dirty dog paws or messy school shoes full of sand. Life changing for a working mum!”

- Chelsea Morley, Creative Mum

Chelsea's Picks

Ethics Peach Chenille Rug
Ethics Peach Chenille Rug
from $480.00
Here in the Shade Yellow New Jute Rug
Here in the Shade Yellow New Jute Rug
from $800.00
Unboxed Yellow New Jute Rug
Unboxed Yellow New Jute Rug
from $340.00

Double the Love

Good things happen on Double rugs. Our rugs set the scene for creating art masterpieces, building epic pillow forts on lazy Sundays, sharing mid-afternoon snacks picnic-style, and curling up for late night story-time cuddles. Feel the love flow through your floors with Double.

Mum Spotlight: Amy


“Now my daughter is a little bit older, we have been able to spend time creating art together. It has been so special watching her show an interest in all my paints, texts, and other art mediums. With Double’s washable rugs, we can get messy in her playroom without the worry of ruining our gorgeous rug. She is also in her tea party era, but I’m more than happy for her to use all the food she pleases for her teddies to enjoy, as I can just pop the rug in my washing machine, and it’s back to being as good as new!”

- Amy Gibbs, Creative Mum

Amy's Picks

Squiggle Cream Chenille Rug
Squiggle Cream Chenille Rug
from $270.00
Doodles Cream Chenille Rug
Doodles Cream Chenille Rug
from $270.00

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What mums and dads are saying about Double:

2 kids & a puppy

With 2 young kids and a puppy, a washable rug was a no brainer for us. The rug looks great, is super soft and plush, and we’ve already had to wash it and it came out great!

Estelle D.

Washed right off!!

I have a 3yo at home and he spilled on it the day after we got it. Washed right off!! It's also so soft. It's not too shaggy so it won't get crumbs and dust stick in it which is great for the kids!

Ella O.


As a mom of 3 kids, trust me when I say you NEED THIS RUG. Has saved so many headaches. Who knew we could have white rugs again without stressing about someone ruining it!!

Nyree B.

Still looks brand new

I can't believe how much easier this has made my life. I've wound up washing this once a month between all of our puppy's accident's and a our kids arts and crafts and it looks brand new still.

Alex P.


Set this up in my kid's play room and it's holding up strong. Really happy with this.

Charles H.