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Checks, Please! 5 Ways to Style the Iconic Check Pattern at Home

Jana Bocobo

Checks, Please! 5 Ways to Style the Iconic Check Pattern at Home

The check pattern is an interior design icon for good reason. From prim gingham to punchy plaids, graphic checks have been used in home decor for centuries thanks to their timeless, versatile appeal.

Double is reinventing the check motif with the launch of the bold new Checks Collection. This suite of machine washable rugs features remixed check designs that put a current spin on the classic pattern. We're talking graphic prints in both monochrome and vibrant hues, chunky oversized plaids, and punchy designs that redefine the checkered rug.

Ready to make a statement with checks? A rug from the Checks Collection is a foolproof way to incorporate this enduring trend into your home. But before you dive in, keep these tips in mind to ensure your checkered showstopper takes center stage.


1. Anchor with solids

Pairing a graphic rug with solid coloured soft furnishings is key for a pulled-together look. The bold rug will stand out while preventing the space from feeling too busy. Try layering your patterned rug with neutral solids or complementing tones.


Checking Brown Cotton Feel Rug 


2. Create colour schemes

Look for rug patterns featuring colours already present in your space. Repeating or echoing colours from your existing decor ensures your patterned rug will feel cohesive rather than jarring.


Checks Light Blue New Jute Rug


3. Mind the scale

When selecting a patterned rug, consider the size and scale of the space you're styling. Make sure your rug pattern isn't too large or small relative to the room. A properly scaled graphic rug grounds the space.


 Checkered Brown New Jute Rug


4. Define zones

Use patterned rugs to define separate zones within a larger open concept space. For example, place a graphic rug under the living room furniture grouping to distinguish it from the adjoining dining area.


 Checkered Brown New Jute Rug and Checking Brown Cotton Feel Rug


5. Have fun mixing patterns

Don't be afraid to layer patterns! Mixing complementary graphic rug designs together in a space can have a playful, eclectic vibe. Just stick to complementary colour palettes when combining patterns.



Checking Brown Cotton Feel Rug and Checkered Brown New Jute Rug


Bring Checks Home

The checkered pattern provides the perfect graphic foundation for any room. Double's Checks Collection brings this iconic motif home in a fresh, modern way - with machine washable rugs featuring bold prints, chunky plaids, and remixed check designs. Style your new check rug with confidence by following our tips above. Double's signature construction means these graphic showstoppers are ready to become the spill-proof, pet-proof MVPs of your space.

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