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All Fluff, No Fuzz: 5 Secrets To Low Maintenance High-Pile Shag Rugs

Jana Bocobo

All Fluff, No Fuzz: 5 Secrets To Low Maintenance High-Pile Shag Rugs

Shag rugs are back in a big way, bringing waves of cosy vibes and '70s nostalgia to any room. But let's be honest, that luxurious high pile can also conjure up images of tangled messes and dust bunnies gone rogue. Not with Double's Shag.

Our machine-washable shag rugs are all fluff, no fuzz. The pile is as plush as can be, but the materials don't shed, so you can enjoy carefree comfort. No shedding, no maintenance nightmares.

Toss Shag in the wash without worry, then sink your toes back into its softness. With Shag, you get the blissed-out vibes of a luxury high-pile rug and the ease of machine washability. After all, maintaining your hygge haven should be as breezy as the vibe it carries.

 Poncho Bone Shag Rug


Non-Slip Base

Our Shag rug's got a secret weapon - a non-slip base designed just for high-pile rugs. This sturdy foundation prevents bunching and matting as you walk across the plush fibres. It makes vacuuming a breeze while keeping the luxurious layers in place. Consider it a strong backbone for your fluffy friend, ensuring it stays comfy and easy on the eyes for years to come. Invest in a quality rug pad and you’ve got yourself a Shag that’s built to last.


 Poncho Olive Shag Rug


All Fluff, No Fuzz

When shopping for a shag rug, seek out low-shed fibres like Double’s mongolian-like composition. These materials resist shedding, so you'll deal with less loose fuzz. That makes maintenance easy breezy - no more fuzz bunnies taking over your floors! Double's shag rugs are a prime example, spun from fuzz-free fibres. You get pure, indulgent fluff without the upkeep headaches.


 Poncho Brown Shag Rug


The Magic of Machine Washable

Gone are the days of wrestling giant rugs to the curb for professional cleaning. Look for shag rugs specifically designed to be machine washable! This allows for a deeper clean at home, whenever you need it. Double's Shag rugs are a prime example, offering high-pile softness with the convenience of tossing them in the wash. Like magic, you'll have a fluffy fresh rug in no time - without all the heavy lifting.


 Poncho Steel Blue Shag Rug


Fluff Revival

Here's a twist on the usual shake-out routine. Instead of taking your rug outside, spread it flat on a clean surface.  Use a carpet rake (a wide-toothed rake specifically designed for rugs) to gently brush against the nap of the rug. This will lift dirt and debris trapped deep within the fibres, revitalise the pile, and restore that luxurious fluffiness.  Think of it as a spa treatment for your Shag rug after all that heavy work in your home’s high-traffic areas.


  Poncho Steel Blue Shag Rug

In It For The Long Haul

When investing in a shag rug, durability matters. Seek out quality materials made to withstand everyday life - because your rug should only get better with age. Double handcrafts shag rugs using premium fibres engineered to endure. Our materials take the wear and tear in stride, keeping your rug fresh, plush and inviting for years of memories ahead. Double's shags are built to last through life's everyday messes and your family's biggest moments. Your rug will grow more loved and comfortable as the years roll on, becoming a cosy witness to your home's story.


 Poncho Bone Shag Rug


Embrace the Fluff, Simplify the Upkeep

With a little know-how and the right rug –like the easily washable Shags from Double – you can enjoy the luxurious comfort of a high-pile shag rug without the maintenance nightmares. So, sink your toes into the softness and let the shag rug movement begin (again)!

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