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Make messy memories! How to enhance your dining experiences with Double.

Victoria Hermitage

Make messy memories! How to enhance your dining experiences with Double.

Whoever said rugs were designed for the living room? They clearly haven’t been introduced to Double. From weeknight dinners with the grandparents to elaborate parties with old friends, our machine washable rugs are an essential addition to every modern Australian dining room.

We’re here for no worries living. Just like meals should be! 


So, how can our rugs double the fun of dining? 


  1. Aesthetics: Double designs add colour, texture and visual interest to your dining room. Indulge in the joy of hosting, and complement the space with a colour and style that accentuates your chosen mood. Energise your party guests with bright, adventurous prints or keep things calm and neutral for the family. See our Colour and Style guides for more tips on how to choose! 
  2. Comfort: Meal times are for making memories. Catching up on a long day, or reminiscing on old times. These cherished moments should be spent in comfort! Sitting at a dining table for an extended period of time can be uncomfortable on hard flooring. When placed under the dining table, our rugs provide the ultimate softness for a luxuriously cosy meal. 
  3. Ambience: Don’t let background noise interfere with good conversation. Although laughter and clinking glasses only adds to the charm of a meal, hard flooring can accentuate the less enjoyable sounds of scraping plates and pulled out chairs. A well placed dining room rug will help to absorb these sounds. 
  4. Embracing the mess: A no-brainer for every host. Don’t let stray crumbs and wine spills ruin your evening. Every Double design is 100% machine washable, waterproof and stain resistant. Simple and uncomplicated, our easy clean rugs come apart in two layers — so you can throw the top in the wash, over and over again. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the good food and good company you’ve created! 


Helpful tips for selecting size & texture: 


When selecting a Double design for your dining room, always double check the size. You want to ensure the rug is large enough to comfortably accommodate your table and chairs — allowing enough room for the chairs to be pulled in and out without catching on the edges of your rug. See our Size guide for more tips! 

Choosing the correct texture can create balance and ease throughout your home. Our lower-pile pieces work best dining spaces — New JuteChenille and Cotton Feel are endlessly durable and versatile, whilst providing softness and comfort. Visit our Texture guide for details.


So, what are you waiting for? Shop the machine washable rug of your dreams, and start planning the next meal at yours! 

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